Paint Me Rainbows by Fern Michaels

Publisher: Thordike Chivers
Hardback: Large Print, 216 pages
ISBN: 1-40563374-3


Minet Library –


With nothing but her shattered pride and wedding dress, Jill Barton flees town after the heartbreak and humiliation of being left at the altar. While a charming country retreat in Washington State offers her sanctuary, its hard-bitten owner, Logan Matthews, does not. And soon Jill realizes that nothing is safe around Logan – not her secrets, not her desires and especially not her heart.


A romantic book with an young adult female with a can-do attitude and an accomplished alpha male. As it was published in 1981 at the beginning of the ‘anti-male’ feminist track from middle-class women, it was reflected in this book rather too well, because Jill, the main character was forever making ‘put-down’ comments regarding his, Logan’s male capabilities, and his macho attitude only occured once in the book, although I’m glad he refrained from getting in-touch with his ‘feminine side’ as that would’ve done me in I feel and I would’ve lost total respect for Logan if he had as the male central character, *phew* so that was his saving grace. Also, I didn’t like Jill’s character that much, and I think it was because as soon as she found out that Logan was wealthy from Aggie, the manner of Jill’s address to him suddenly changed, and I thought ‘gold-digger’ even though the author went to pains to say that she wasn’t, and that Jill was truely in love with Logan, I still didn’t believe it. The star of the book for me was ‘Doozey’ the dog and Aggie, the housekeeper, they kept me entertained throughout the book, without whom that book would’ve fallen flat and been regarded as a ‘typical’ romantic book with all its cliques. However, I really liked the Xmas theme of the book and all the warmth it brings to the season.


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