A place for Book Reviews from borrowed public library books that I have read, good and bad, or even inbetween said pages – forgive book-humour there 😀 As refering to the space left for ones own thoughts.

I’ll also try and not give the plots away too much so I’ll do my best to keep it to a minimum.

Although I can promise you this with upmost conviction – I won’t rush to do a book review or poetry recital. The videos will be uploaded with genuine authenticity of being well-read and my impressions of them.

Books are my world from my own choosing; insightful, graphic, instructional and imaginative leading to perception and understanding, gained from ‘Proactive Reading’ through which I value that experience and the resourceful benefit it has brought to my world.

So I hope you look forward to reading my book reviews on this blog.

Disclaimer: All books are purchased by me (unless otherwise stated) and the opinions are my own in the reviews.



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