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The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas
Paperback: 396 pages
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
ISBN: 978-1847670700

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Source from: Home Library Collection

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Harper edition
ISBN: 978-0007233717

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Source from: Library Collection

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Both characters are searching for something that’s missing in their lives.

Both books deal with the spiritual supernatural element within their lives.

Both book characters have to deal with virtues and vices; in the ‘Book of Tomorrow’ its lies and in the ‘End of Mr Y’ its about truth.

Both books deal with also the infliction of words rather than their empowerment; as the ‘Book of Tomorrow’ dealt with the thoughts from speech and the ‘End of Mr Y’ that of the thoughts from the written word.

Both books I felt was dealing with something beyond them. Ultimately they had or were facing choices;

In the ‘Book of Tomorrow’ it was a matter of chance, faith and the possibility of understanding, from that of a personal perception. That is it mattered to her what she thought.

In regards to the ‘End of Mr Y’ it was a matter of risk, rational and the possibility of being understood, from that of a social perception. That is it mattered what others thought.


In the ‘Book of Tomorrow’, the interest lay in the apparent paradox, the basis of which lies in the difference between the nature of our experiences and our knowledge of how those experiences are caused.

In the ‘End of Mr Y’, its about the conflict between our everyday life experiences of objects and an analysis of how these experiences come to exist. It looks to enquire how the human being creates a coherent perceptual world out of a maze of physical impingements.

Thus from the readers perception from both books, its about our experiences which is dependant upon our active role as played out as the ‘Perceiver’ who in terms of the influence sets or has the expectation to achieve a structure from the books, from what maybe ambiguous or withheld from us as the reader.

And this is because our world of experience has stability in the constancies of perception which bears some relation to external events, in other words the perceptual act can be said to generate understanding that we can use as a basis for action. The connotation of meaningful here is that structure and stability are probably necessary for meaning to exist.

So the role of the ‘Perceiver’ is in affect to verify, endorse and validate the perceptions of people, behaviour and context and how these are interpreted, and may differ in a) what it being paid attention to, b) how they label, categories and relate to what they have observed and c) what inferences they draw from the person, behaviour or situation.

And you gain that concept from reading both these books, for both in the ‘Book of Tomorrow’ it was from a philosophical perceptive. Whilst in the ‘End of Mr Y’ its was from a psychologist perceptive. As both these field of study have been intrigued with the nature of the human perceptual process, and its given in this way from the books I’ve just read for example in:

‘The Book of Tomorrow’ its on page 417; “I constantly wonder how much of my life I would have learned if it hadn’t been for the book. Sometimes I think I would have found out sooner or later, most of the time I think that’s what the book’s purpose was, because it most certainly had a purpose. It led me to here. It helped me discover the secrets that made me a better person.”

And in ‘The End of Mr Y’ its on pages 16 and 18; “And I read the opening line of the preface, first in my head, and then aloud, as another train rattle along outside: “The discourse which follows may appear to the Reader as mere fancy or as a dream, penned on waking, in those fevered moments when one is still mesmerised by those conjuring tricks that are produced in the mind once the eyes are closed” as most “of his ideas were about the development and nature of thought, particularly scientific thought, and he often described his fictional works as ‘Experiments of the Mind’…”

That is, one is curious about their contact with the outside world and wonder how their experiences are caused and to what degree they reflect the world accurately. This is found within the book ‘The End of Mr Y’ in this concept.

One is the nature of our experiences and the other is our knowledge of how these experiences are caused by ourselves from reflection. This is found within the book ‘The Book in Tomorrow’ as a concept.

So there are questions posed of: “how do you dispose of a book once you’ve read it? As asked in the ‘Book of Tomorrow’ and in the ‘End of Mr Y’ it is asked: “what would happen if those who read my book not only discover but find some way to alter it?”

What say I or You.


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